Advantages of polyolefin shrink film :

Polyolefin shrink film is very strong film. It has very high resistance to tear and wear and it works well with both regular and irregular shaped products. At the same time, it is soft and flexible. Because of its softness and flexibility, polyolefin never gets complains as crispy or brittle. Polyolefin is made of poison free FDA approved materials for food packaging. It has no smell, no odor at all.

The strength of polyolefin is very high. A 60 gauge polyolefin can provide stronger protection than a thicker 75 gauge PVC shrink film. This gives polyolefin shrink film better value. It means that you can buy more square feet of polyolefin than PVC with the same dollar amount. Our polyolefin shrink film also boasts the best clarity in the market. Its clarity is almost as high as PVC shrink film. It offers higher shrinkage rate as high as over 55% shrinkage rate in all directions.

Polyolefin shrink film requests higher shrink temperature to make it shrink than PVC shrink film does. While both kinds of shrink film can be used manually, or with semi-automatic or automatic heat shrink equipments, you may find polyolefin shrink films are more popularly used with heat seal shrink equipments but PVC shrink films are more popular with low volume manual operations. PVC shrink film has very low shrink temperature. Even a blow dryer can make PVC shrink film to shrink. This makes it easy to operate but at the same time, you need to store it away from even small heat like summer direct sun light.

Cross link polyolefin shrink wrap provides even higher performance. It is irradiated and boasts over 75% shrinkage rate in all directions. It is stronger, clearer, more flexible film. It works with wider range of machines. It is widely used for high speed packaging.