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From this page, you will find more detail illustration about sizes and usages of our products.

Fabric organza bags and clear PVC boxes could be great choice for your wedding favor, check following picture for idea:

Fabric Bags Clear PVC Boxes
  Imprinting text message on ribbon of fabric bags is an effective way to promote your company name and awareness. Email us if you need organza bags with imprinted ribbon.
Fabric bags with imprinted ribbon


  Dome shaped bags are designed for basket. Dome shaped bottom fit handle or bottom of basket, depends on how you use them. Baskets are great idea for gift giving:



  Please be noted that the depth (or height) is for usable space only. Lip is not included as part of height. Lip is about 1 inch. For example, 4x1.5x7 means 4 inch length, 1.5 inch width, 7 inch depth (height). The total height including lip (depth 7 inch plus 1 inch lip) would be 8 inch.


  As show in following pictures, length is measured from the smallest points while height is measured from the biggest points. Width is measured when box is flat before assembly.

                                               Picture 1.  After assembly

                                                 Picture 2.  Before assembly  (flat) 

  Length of the size is for usable space only, lip (about 0.75 inch) is not included. For example, 3x4 2mil zip lock bag means 3 inch wide, 4 inch long, 2 mil thick. The total length (length plus lip) is about 4.75 inch.


  To carry some weight, some of clear PVC boxes are designed as interlock bottom shown in the following picture. All tuck top boxes with hang hole are interlock bottom. All boxes with handle top are interlock bottom. Tuck top with golden card bottom, 7x7x8-1/2 and 8x8x12 are interlock bottom. All tuck top clear PVC boxes (without golden card bottom) are not interlock bottom.


  6x6 pvc shrink bags are for slim CD, 6x7 is for standard CD, 6x9 and 6.5x9 is for standard DVD, (6.5x9 is recommended, 6x9 works but a little tight), 6x11 is for VHS (it also fit CD and DVD, just cut extra. It is like one size fit all)

Cable Tie

Marker Tie

Over Head Marker Tie

Marker Tie

Marker Tie

Low Profile Mount

4 way cable tie mount

Saddle Tie Mount

 Heavy Duty Cable Tie Gun

Cable Tie Gun - Metal Cable Tie Gun - Plastic

Cable Ties

  Imprinting number or text message on cable ties is good  for security reason or promote your company name and awareness. Email us if you need imprinted cable ties.